Top 10 Influential Crypto Entrepreneurs

You will come across names of many influential entrepreneurs hailing from diverse backgrounds who have made incredible contributions to cryptocurrency development. Their ability to think out of the box has led to the launch of many disruptive technologies that are set to change the way industries will function in the future. Here are some of the most influential thinkers who have spearheaded the crypto revolution:

  1. Vitalik Buterin is worthy of mention as the Russian-Canadian programmer responsible for Ethereum launch. This is currently the world’s second-largest crypto in terms of market cap. He started off as a developer of games and went onto study the Bitcoin and blockchain. He launched Ethereum in 2014 via an online crowd sale starting the ICOs. The Ethereum network can run DApps and smart contracts. Young entrepreneurs are encouraged to make use of FBC14 Algorithm introduced by FBC Investment Platform which helps them manage finances.
  2. Pavel Durov is the Russian businessman credited with launch of VK, a social networking site and Telegram. He quit VKontakte at 28 years of age because of disagreements with the shareholders and went onto launch Telegram. In 2018, he announced opening of the Telegram Open Network. Durov plans to have data storage and messaging services on this blockchain platform.
  3. Changpeng Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance and one of the most influential crypto entrepreneurs. He enjoys a huge fan-following especially on Twitter. According to Forbes rich list, he has a net worth of $1.2 billion. He stared off in trading and worked in the IT department of NYSE. This fundraising experience helped him set up Binance successfully. Being a crypto-enthusiast, he has experienced several trading platforms and shared his experiences with people. Check out this page for one such legit trading platforms.
  4. Brandon Chez is the founder and CEO of CoinMarketCap. This young programmer created the platform to consolidate data from different exchanges and determine cryptocurrency values. As a user, you can get basic data about prices, capitalization, trade volumes, etc.
  5. Brian Armstrong is the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. He had studied CSS and Java as a teen and worked for big companies before launching Coinbase in California.
  6. Jihan Wu is the CEO and co-founder of Bitmain, the biggest computer chip company known for Bitcoin mining. Wu was one of the first Bitcoin adopters and raised funds to buy 900 BTC in 2011. He gained experience as a financial analyst in his early days and went onto become one of the most influential cryptocurrency billionaires.
  7. Joseph Lubin was the co-founder of Ethereum and started the software production company ConsenSys. He began his career as a technologist in Wall Street and his interest in crypto space made him one of the most prominent in the field. He even went onto launch a startup incubator organization for building applications and infrastructure for multiple projects using the Ethereum blockchain.
  8. Charlie Lee was a talented programmer from Japan who created the Litecoin, the 3rd largest crypto after the Bitcoin and Ethereum. Prior to this he had been working as a Google developer and he studied in-depth about the blockchain that piqued his interest. In 2011 he created the open-source Litecoin and got hired at Coinbase. He later quit Coinbase to keep working on developing the Litecoin.
  9. Alex Reinhardt was a German venture investor who founded many projects in the fintech and IT industries. He launched the Platincoin, a global cryptosystem including 10 and more high-tech products and catering to more than 500,000 users. Platincoin seeks to make cryptos accessible to users all over the world.
  10. David Marcus was the ex-director of PayPal and currently at the helm of Calibra, Facebook’ ambitious cryptocurrency project. He studied cryptos in detail and joined the Coinbase Board of Directors. The Libra is set to become a blockchain-powered crypto coin aimed at pegging values to fiat currencies.