7 Top Hot Job Opportunities In The Cryptocurrency Industry Right Now


Top job opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry have been in high demand ever since the revolution of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

We’re in the midst of another quiet revolution: Blockchain, a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records, called “blocks.” The first Blockchain Technology was Bitcoin with a market cap of over $189 billion dollars as at today, and it’s being used by millions of people for making payments around the world.

Cryptocurrency keeps exploding as the year rolls by, you might have been hearing friends, relatives, colleagues talking about Bitcoin, you might not know that it’s not just about the noise making, it’s also Creating Job opportunities.

According to research from job search site, Job postings mentioning “BLOCKCHAIN”, “BITCOIN or “CRYPTOCURRENCY” have increased by 621% since November 2015 and supply is growing with demand, it was also reported that there is a 1,065% growth in searches for Jobs mentioning those three terms.

Some of the companies searching for these skills are www.Uber.com, www.ebay.com, www.CapitalOne.com, www. Match.com, and  www.geico.com  which ranks among the companies searching for candidates who have listed “bitcoin or blockchain” in their skill set.

Let’s look at the state of the Cryptocurrency job market and what kind of Job is available and also how to potentially land one of these roles yourself.

  1. Blockchain software developing company:  These company uses blockchain technology to proffer solutions for their company’s cryptocurrency. They employ Mining technicians to assemble and maintain the RIGS that are used in mining cryptocurrencies. Employees of these companies are paid in cryptocurrency in which after conversion to Fiat (money) could sum up to a large amount of money monthly. With a skill set of technical training and mining listed in your curriculum vitae, you could be lucky to land one of these jobs.
  2. Crypto Marketers/ Advertisers: Most companies employ the services of merchants, sale representatives, journalists, consultants, brand managers, media personnel, and lots more for advertising and creation of awareness for bitcoins and altcoins(cryptocurrency).with a skill in marketing and networking, this job could be yours.
  3. CryptoProject managers/Data scientists: Most cryptocurrency companies require the services of project manager and data scientists for proper management and strategic analysis of their currency. There’s a broad spectrum of jobs available in the cryptocurrency business. There are even specific job search sites featuring these postings now, such as com. Some roles merely incorporate blockchain technology while others focus on it.
  4. E-commerce companies: Online stores that make use of cryptocurrency as mode of payment employs the services of sales reps, dispatch riders, quality assurance personnel, accountants and other related skills .e.g. coineasybuy.com uses Abjcoin/bitcoin as mode of payment, Bit pay (bitcoin), Overstock.com (bitcoin, lite coin, Ethereum, dash, monero), Expedia (bitcoin), Egifter (bitcoin), and Shopper stores uses bitcoin respectively. All these aforementioned stores are online stores that use bitcoin and altcoins as their mode of payment.
  5. Freelancers: cryptocurrency related jobs are in demands on some freelancing sites like fiverr.com where they are over 2000 blockchain related and cryptocurrency search word are used. People make over $3000 in a month writing whitepapers and developing blockchain coin for people. Some people with cryptocurrency and blockchain developers should head to Fiverr to earn money. Check out this guy https://www.fiverr.com/cryptoprenur who makes lots of cash from writing about and developing coins for people.
  6. Mobile App developers: mobile app developers are also in high demand because of the high use of the mobile app for wallets and exchanges.
  7. Network security: in recent times exchanges and wallets are been hacked, network security are in high demand to avoid hacking and phising, so you might need to get out your security network certificates.

This job post may involve working with a currency that has already been built such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and they may be an ICO (Initial coin offering) project where team members build an entirely new currency using blockchain technology. Most companies won’t require in-depth knowledge of Crypto technology immediately you join the group; they know it’s a new industry, so they may be willing to train talent on the job. Going in with as much knowledge as you can, will only increase your chances, also taking courses like Princeton’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies on Coursera is a good place to start.











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