Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Nigeria, And Africa At Large And Make Lots Of Money

Cryptocurrency investment in Nigeria is gradually becoming a buzz word as millions of young people in Africa are gravitating towards this as a major source of income, according to cryptocurrency statistics, if you find yourself  reading this post, there is a every possibility that you already what cryptocurrency is.

According to Wikipedia:

 cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.[1][2][3] Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currenciesalternative currencies and virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control[4] as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems.[5] The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through a blockchain, which is a public transaction database, functioning as a distributed ledger.[6]


Although most persons know about cryptocurrency and would love to know how to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria and other Cryptocurrencies, I suggest you follow through this post to the end;

Note that the cryptocurrency market are highly volatile, therefore you are expected to make your own research before investing in any coin. Any investment listed here are solely based on research do not serve as an investment advise.

The cbn on cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency in Nigeria as reported in This Day are a bit hostile towards cryptocurrency trading in nigeria and hence a careful analysis should be carried before any investment.


These are some of the best cryptocurrency everybody should invest in 2018

  1. Bitcoin

All long as cryptocurrency is concerned, Bitcoin is the king of the jungle, although lots of person gave up on early this year and sold out this to FOMO, yet lots of persons are making million daily trading bitcoin. The smartest investment you can make today is to learn how to trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria, especially bitcoin.

Investing in bitcoin in Nigeria

Bitcoin is a scarce commodity which is has made it to be in high demand; this is due to the limited supply of Bitcoin. There are going to be only 21 million Bitcoin ever. Which Out of that only about 16 million is currently in circulation now, as the rest are continually being mined.  For Nigerians, Bitcoin can serve as a high profit investment, due to the behavior of the Nigerian Naira in the foreign exchange market.

Last 2years ago; 5 Bitcoins worth $1,000 because each, Bitcoin was about $200. The equivalent naira rate for 5 Bitcoins was about #220,00 because each dollar was worth #220 on the black market. Fast forward a year later, the same number of Bitcoins now worth about $2,915 since the value of each bitcoin has gone up from $200 to about $583, and the equivalent naira rate for 5 Bitcoins would now be #1,078,550.  Today being  April 26, 2018; 1BTC = 8848.85 USD.

Although currenty, there is a speculation that investing in bitcoin won’t yield much dividend as investing in other Altcoin as Bitcoin is reaching it’s peak. But I strongly advice you hodl some bitcoin.

  1. EOS

Created by the founder of both Bitshares and steem, Dan Larimer. EOS was created to be a platform that integrates Dapps and can process over 50,000 confirmations per second. Unlike the Ethereum. EOS was built to solve some of the biggest problems Bitcoin and Ethereum are not equipped to solved which are the development of Dapps and DAOS, this will lead to a tokenized economy.

EOS Price Predictionb 2018

The price of EOS as the 5th of march 2018 is approximately $8.25. Speculators say that there is every possibility that the price of EOS could be around $38. The number of token that has built on the EOS Blockchain Is really commendable, this prediction is suggesting that at the end of five years, the price will be near $143-150. At this rate, the proportion by which the price increases is quite high.

  1. BNB

Investment Analysis of BNB 2018

The Binance coin has a utility case, and it indeed provides the incentive for investors and traders to hold the coin. However, I believe it only stands to benefit frequent users of the Binance platform. Furthermore, due to the burn rate in each quarter, I think the tokens will increase in value but not as quickly as other crypto investments could. A good possible strategy to follow might be to hold a couple of tokens on the exchange to reduce your trading fees, so this is definitely one of the investments to make this year 2018.

BNB Price Prediction 2018

The Binance coin BNB is currently trading at $14.11 the quarterly price prediction BNB is projected to grow to up $20.14 by the end of 2018 and a price prediction of  $36.24 by the end of 2022, definitely BNB is a must by for any one looking for the Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Nigeria.

To read more about the Price Prediction of BNB

  1. Vechain

According to the vechain coin is one of the most under rated cryptocurrency project, with a combination of their team and their business use case is highly niched and only a few crypto project are headed that direction.

VeChain is trying to build a blockchain-based platform which does not only limit itself to the digital world. It can integrate with the actual business ecosystems as well. This will ensure that enterprises will be able to control various functions with the help of this blockchain. If indeed, it is able to provide complete integration of the blockchain-based platform with the actual business world, it will be easier for the companies to use the blockchain. The coin launched on November 26th of last year and has since grown astronomically. To date, the coin has grown over 2200%. VeChain (VEN) has officially re-branded to VeChain THOR (VET). As of right now, the coin has yet to be updated on coinmarketcap or major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Vechain has the potential to make a lot of difference to anybody who hodl now.

Vechain Price prediction 2018

VeChain is currently trading around $ 6.03. By the end of this calendar year, it is slated to trade around $ 19.63. Within a five-year timeframe, it can reach as high as $ 75. Thus, when you look at the kind of return which it can provide, it is enormous. This is the reason why many of the cryptocurrency investors are looking to invest in this token.

Also bear in mind, that vechain is not your popular cryptocurrency, hence the volatility is on a high side. It is advisable you invest as much as you can bear, but if you are brave enough, Vechain has allot of  potentials.  It might also interest you that BMW is partnering with Vechain which was announced  yesterday being the 1st of May 2018.

For Further Studies: Vechain Price prediction

These are some of the best Cryptocurrencies to invest in Nigeria currently, kindly follow our platform on twitter:  @cryptopreneurng, on Facebook: cryptopreneurng







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    Litecoin is doing pretty well, I think it will only get better this 2019, it’s seems like a good cryptocurrency to invest in….I also have some predictions for the cryptosphere this year.

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