Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria and Africa

Blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses are gradually taking over Africa. Blockchain technology is creating more and more business opportunities for cryptopreneurs and Entrepreneurs.

Blockchain is creating a new business models on how to do business more secured, trustless and without borders and limitation. Blockchain technology brings into the business scene something any entrepreneur would go the extra mile to integrate into their businesses.  There is no gain in saying for that Blockchain and cryptocurrency is a game changer for Africa.

As cryptopreneurs, our point of call is to look for an avenue where blockchain and cryptocurrency can solve real life problem and bring improvement to Africa economy.


Interview: What Blockchain Technology could Do for Nigeria And Africa At Large


Here are some business ideas you can run as a cryptopreneur in Africa;

  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Master classes;

Blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge is still limited in Africa,  a new set businesses can be built around teaching people about blockchain and cryptocurrency. People pay as high as $300 per session to learn about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, how to make money with cryptocurrency in general. Africa has a whole market on this niche and could mean a lot for anyone who starts it professionally.

Some examples of blockchain master class in Africa; blockchain academy, digital abundance and lots more.

  1. Blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting firms

Another striving business niche in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in Africa is consultancy firms, consulting for blockchain companies and business that would love to adopt blockchain technology as working business model. If you create a business like this in Africa, it will generate millions for the owners   it will competite with top blockchain consultancy firms like,

Applied Blockchain

Parity Technologies



Creating a blockchain consulting firms in Africa will go a long way in bolstering the blockchain economy in Africa.

  1. Blockchain and cryptocurrency writers

Knowing the technology is way different from knowing the how to articulately describe the technology.  Lots of blockchain and cryptocurrency related writers are in high demands by blogs, companies and even individual s who wants to enlist the services of Blockchain writers to help them write their whitepaper or handle the official social media account of their projects and most of them are willing to pay well.

Also blockchain and cryptocurrency related news portals and blogs are few, you can start a blockchain blog in Africa and make it about the journey of blockchain growth in Africa.


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  1. Blockchain and cryptocurrency YouTubers

YouTube is one big platform that gets millions of visitors daily, especially people who are ready to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain. You can create your blockchain channel and monetize it, you could probably be about your journal about the journey of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa.

  1. Cryptocurrency trade analyst

One thing is certain, cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and needs an experts who can predict market trends and give general trading advice and analysis.

There is also a lot of opportunity here, and it should be maximized in Africa.

  1. Free-lancing

If must have heard about fiverr by now and upwork, these are just amazing websites where people making money on blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs, they are thousands of gigs on whitepaper, blockchain  App development, Erc20token and lots more. You should start now by creating a gig on fiverr today, click here

These are some ideas you can start related to blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in Africa


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