Satowallet To Rival Coinomi

Satowallet and Coinomi are the two cryptocurrency wallets with almost the same unique features, As regards to cryptocurrency, a wallet is one of the most important things a cryptocurrency user must own before buying any cryptocurrency. A crypto wallet is where cryptocurrencies can be stored, sold and traded. Not just owing any wallet is advisable, but a wallet with maximum security in place to prevent hacking and lost of your crypto assets is advisable.

Among the A-list of cryptocurrency wallet available to user’s asides the highly secured bitcoin core wallet and Ethereum core wallet, satowallet and coinomi has proved to stand the test of time as regards security, mobile app, and distinct features available to their users. Satowallet and coinomi is both multi wallet that supports over 50 coins.

One major advantage of having a wallet that supports many coin is that it saves the stress of having different wallet with the need to enter  user name, password, 2Fa whenever you need to make a transaction and also having to download the different apps of each wallet on a mobile phone.


Satowallet is a leading digital currency multi-wallet that supports over 50 coin including bit coin and other altcoin, the team has recently topped up their game with an upgraded and improved speed of their mobile app, speed is of major importance when it comes to mobile app, the ability to log into a wallet within a split of second is what users would like to have on their app and satowallet has just upgraded the speed of their mobile app. The wallet mobile app now runs live on playstore; all users can easily download the mobile app on their Google playstore. Let’s look at some major features that satowallet has over coinomi, hence, the rivalry.

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Satowallet uses strong encryption and enhanced privacy techniques to ensure a high level of wallet security. Some of the most notable security features offered by Satowallet include;

  • Improved speed: Increased speed on the mobile app
  • Multi coin support: Ability to buy and store over 50 coin in the wallet
  • Security: 2factor authentication integrated for maximum security
  • Apple IOS
  • Ability to add and remove coins according to your portfolio
  • Coin swap enabled: This feature enables users to swap their Bitcoin with any Altcoin of their choice
  • Buy and sell feature enabled: Trading of cryptocurrency feature available
  • Mobile app on Google playstore
  • Real time price update.
  • Free transaction of coin within users: All transactions within users are free.
  • Support: satowallet support is 2nd to none with the their swift response to resolving issues

Taking a look at coinomi wallet, thou it’s been around for a while, it also has some distinct features that make it a rival of satowallet. In comparison to satowallet, coinomi is also a multi coin wallet. As opposed the availability of Apple IOS to users on satowallet, Coinomi team is still working on developing an Apple IOS version. Let’s look at some major features of coinomi.

  • Multi-coin support: Supports hundreds of digital currencies
  • Simple setup: Download, install and create a new wallet with just a few clicks
  • Easy asset trading: Trade directly though your wallet
  • Privacy: individual privacy and user control
  • Translations available: It supports many different languages, including English, Russian and Chinese.

With this above listed features of both multi coin wallet, cryptocurrency users have an alternative to choose from.




  • Cryptic
    Posted March 9, 2018 4:02 pm 0Likes

    Coinomi has been around for like 3 years and has over 110 coins. Don’t even compare.

    • cryptopreneur
      Posted May 3, 2018 1:02 pm 0Likes

      SatoWallet is doing a great job, they are really working hard and are set to rival Coinomi.

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