ShapeShift Launches Bitfract Beta version


ShapeShift is an A-list cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 in Switzerland, as an exchange, it offers its users the uncommon opportunity to globally trade varieties of Cryptocurrencies on their platforms. ShapeShift permits its clients to operate anonymously without requesting personal data, with a unique opening which permits direct, or P2P exchanges cryptocurrency.

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“Instant cryptocurrency exchange specialist Shapeshift has quietly launched a new service. Bitfract, which is still in beta, allows users to swap from one cryptocurrency for multiple cryptos in an instant”

This permits the instant P2P swap of Bitcoin to any other Altcoin, this has made the ShapeShift a game-changer and tremendously admired and globally accepted by Cryptocurrency lovers. Its amalgamation into other wallets such as Edge, permits users to swap Cryptocurrencies without having to go through the stress of sending them to other exchanges.

Bitfract with a goal to permit “Exchange One Cryptocurrency For Multiple, Bitfract is a free tool powered by ShapeShift” as seen on the website. Bitfract is a technology powered by ShapeShift with free user sign up, Bitfract has chosen Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as its first set of Cryptocurrencies supported, Bitfract has also described itself as a “multishuffler” and a “rebalancer”, startup.

Amazing idea, with great prospect, we hope to see a higher level of acceptability than in the case of ShapeShift, feel free to join the discussion, do you consider this the future of exchanges, is this worthy of emulation and amalgamation like in the case of Edge and ShapeShift? The comment section is open for discussions, questions, and feedback.

Cryptocurrency exchange Shapeshift has become popular due to its convenience and versatility. Because it’s now integrated into wallets such as Edge, users are able to swap between cryptos without needing to send them to a centralized exchange. It is important to state that Bitfract has no direct affiliation with Shapeshift, but makes use of the latter bitfract’s API, enabling users to switch into multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Although still in beta, users are free to sign up and put the tool to the test.


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