Soxax: The New Face Of Decentralized Social Media Raises $6 Million Dollars In ICO

The decentralized social media platform Soxax will go down in history as one of the successful ICO of 2018. Soxax just ended their ICO today 23rd of May 2018 and is claiming to have raised 6million dollars in their ICO which they launched in partnership with

The Soxax decentralized social media platform Is a platform where users are rewarded for socializing, they get paid for liking, commenting, share, uploads and activity on the platform.

The Soxax algorithm was built with the proof of social, proof of activity and the latest proof of holding.

The new Soxax algorithm was created in such a way that the more Soxax coin you hold the more coin you earn.


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This Algorithm enables people who hold more Soxax to earn more; it will drive demand and consequently grows value.

Following their road map, Soxax is supposed to be listed on some exchanges so investors will start trading as soon as it is listed.

Soxax is currently listed on Satowallet a multi wallet and exchange; this is a step in the right direction. With this, this buttresses one simple fact that the team behind the Soxax project is well equipped to this project to the next level.

Soxax will help the crypto community in gaining its own ground as other social media platforms are gradually placing bans on crypto related adverts and activities, Soxax will help cryptocurrency projects gain to their audience and help them achieve their goal.

Soxax is the new phase of decentralized social media, with a strong emphasis on security and privacy.

Soxax uses end to end encryption to protect users data making it almost impossible to used or accessed by anyone including the Soxax team.

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