SOXAX: All You Need to Know About Soxax A Decentralized Social Media Plus Explainer Video

Soxax a new decentralized social media platform which is set to rival Facebook has been invented to bridge the gap and seal the loop holes associated with other social media platforms.

Facebook social media platforms that connects millions of people together all around the world is presently in the middle of a scandal which is associated with the role facebook played in the misuse of data of over 50million users in the 2016 US election,

This fact was stated by a London based analytics firm. This scandal grew more complicated when bombshell reports in The New York Times and The Guardian revealed the actual extent to which the London based data mining and analytic firm, Cambridge Analytica misused the data of over 50 million facebook users. Facebook was said to have violated the terms and conditions of services offered to users as well as the privacy associated with users confidentiality, which causes an uproar among users hereby causing the majority to call for the suspension of facebook social media.

It’s been a rough few days for facebook, as the Menlo park, California-based company is under serious siege from lawmakers, regulators, users, shareholders, and even the company’s member of staff amid further revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a data analytic firm used by the presiding president of the United States, Donald Trump for his campaign in the 2016 election, secretly gathered personal data form over 50million facebook users.

This report about Facebook has gotten some backlash and the effort of the governing body of the company to minimize the ongoing situation and make the public see reasons with them has been proved abortive. The Company has had billions of dollars wiped off its market cap and there has been a widespread of a hash tag, #Delete Facebook percolating on twitter

With these new phase happening in the social media world especially facebook, there seems to be a new innovation that could calm users nerves.  Soxax is set to launch amidst facebook scandal with amazing and mouthwatering features that could draw over 70percent of facebook users to it. Soxax is set at correcting all loopholes facebook experienced.

Soxax is a decentralized social media platform that is aimed at given users the satisfaction and ability to interact, connect and share contents and messages among users and also earn rewards from activities carried out on the platform. Soxax is built on algorithm of proof of stake of activity and of social. Soxax is set to protect user’s data as well as utmost privacy by leveraging on the cutting edge of blockchain technology-which is an incorruptible decentralized server. For each user’s activities on Soxax a reward is earned, you just don’t waste time on Soxax; you will as well get a reward. Soxax is very safe, transparent and reliable and to crown it all it is a decentralized and you earn the soxax dollars as you spend some time on the platform.

Watch the Soxax explainer video;

These are some of the few things you should know about the Soxax platform;


Blockchain Soxax is built on the blockchain technology, which allows it to be decentralized and open sourced, there are no limitations or barriers to the platform.

Data protection

SOXAX prides itself on giving users maximum data protection and utmost privacy.  We are adopting the end to end encryption data protection approach; because we are decentralized, we give people the choice to fully encrypt their data or let it open.

Once encrypted, only the private key linked to the password of the users can decrypt the data and account. for a user (a soxian) logs into their account, they must decrypt their account with their private key and unlock their account. Data exchanged within the SOXAX platform are encrypted and doesn’t leave the platform as a plain text.

Just like the founding principles of blockchain technology, the Byzantine general’s principles is adopted here and is foundational technology of the SOXAX platform.

So therefore, your entire data is stored with end-to-end encryption, so every data we get from you get you are encrypted before there are saved into our database and , and we have no way to decrypt those data because only you can decrypt it.

Connect and Earn

With soxax unlike  Facebook for every activities on the platform earn a reward. Activities include; like, share, post, update, and general activity allows you to earn soxax dollars.

Earning on the soxax platform is easy, join the millions of users and interact, post, like, comment, share watch and chat. Just by doing this you earn the soxax dollar, the cryptocurrency of the soxax platform, with other amazing features, soxax was built with you in mind, with soxax you get to be the fun and amazing person you are and get rewarded for being social.

Soxax is putting back the powers of social media in your hands, you have your data safe and you make money for interacting on

Soxax is launching the first decentralized social media platform on the Blockchain  with an initial coin offering starting on the 12th April 2018 that runs through to 12th August 2018 and a presale on the 8th of April 2018 to give everyone an opportunity to buy into the biggest movement of the 21st century. Join at



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