Top 10 Richest People In The Crypto Space


Identifying the richest people  crypto winners and estimating the scale of their wealth is no simple task. The virtual currencies exist almost entirely outside the global financial system, and the newly minted crypto rich live in a strange milieu that blends paranoid secrecy with ostentatious display. Based on estimated holdings of cryptocurrencies (a few provided proof), post-tax profits from trading crypto-assets and stakes in crypto-related businesses, the picks have operations, customers or impact in the U.S.,even if they’re not based here. The list excludes publicly traded companies and their subsidiaries, as well as established financial players that are privately held.

1 Chris Larsen – Age 57 – Net Worth $7.5 to $8 Billion – Ripple Cofounder

At the top spot of the richest people in the crypto space, we have Chris Larsen, a San Francisco native known for co-founding well-known silicon valley startups such E-Loan and Prosper Marketplace. Right now, the business mogul owns 5.2 billion XRP and is attempting to grow Ripple through various partnerships in the blockchain world as its executive chairman.

Joseph Lubin – Age 53 – Net Worth $1 to 5 Billion – Ethereum Cofounder

Lubin is rumored to be holding around $10 billion worth of Ether and was one of the biggest investors in its crowdsale. However, he says he’s been slowly selling the coins to pay for the projects funding. Moreover, Lubin is the founder of ConsenSys, a roughly 600 employee blockchain software technology company with currently 6 offices in 5 countries.

Changpeng Zhao – Age 41 – Net Worth $1.1 to $2 billion – Binance CEO & Founder

In the summer of 2017, Zhao launched Binance, a once-obscure exchange which now serves over 6 million users. According to Forbes, it is currently the world’s largest crypto-exchange. While earning money from the site, Zhao is also said to be the main holder in the exchanges native digital asset Binance Coin (BNB), which has a total supply of nearly 200 billion BNB and trading for around $8 per coin.

Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss – Ages 36 – Net Worth $900 to $1.1 billion – Early Bitcoin Investors & Gemini Founders

People often remember the Winklevoss twins from their famous lawsuit with Mark Zuckerberg that inspired the movie “The Social Network”. With the millions they received from the settlement, they took some of those funds and invested them in Bitcoin during its infancy circa 2012. Now, they own the popular trading platform Gemini.

Matthew Mellon – Age 54 – Individual Investor – $900 to $1 billion – Individual Investor


Mellon is currently the Chairman of the New York Republican Party’s Finance Committee. A few years ago, he began investing in cryptocurrency and is rumored to have made his fortune by mostly investing his funds into the early stages of Ripple’s XRP.

Brian Armstrong – Age 35 – Net Worth $900 to $1 billion – Coinbase CEO

Founded by Armstrong in 2012 with headquarters in San Francisco, Coinbase is a dominating force in the global cryptocurrency exchange industry and one of the few exchanges that allow users to purchase crypto with fiat money.

7 Matthew Roszak – Age 45 – Net Worth $900 to $1 billion – Bloq Cofounder

Mathew Roszak is the chairman and co-founder  of Bloq a leading Blockchain Technology company, also the vice president of SilkRoad equity, a private investment company. He has spent over 18 year in Equity and venture capital industry. He was one of the early investors of some successful initial coin offering, with a networth of over $900-$1million making him one of the richest people in the crypto space

8 Anthony Di Iorio – Age 43 – Net Worth $750 to $1 billion – Ethereum Cofounder


           Anthony Di Lorio is one of the co-founder of Ethereum and the CEO of JAXX Blockchain and Dentral

9  Brock Pierce – Age 37 – Net Worth $700 to $1 billion – Bitcoin Foundation Chairman

Brock Pierce was once a disney child actor but is known for his work with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency currencies, as an advisor, founder, and investor. Pierce has invested in over 30 companies in the blockchain ecosystem, helped raise over $200MM for companies he is involved with, is a mentor for startup accelerators, and runs a top AngelList syndicate.

Pierce was elected Director of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2014. In a February 2018 issue of Forbes magazine Pierce was named in the top 20 richest people in Crypto space  with an estimated net worth between 700 Million and 1.1 Billion

10 Michael Novogratz – Age 53 – Net Worth $700 to $1 billion – Galaxy Digital CEO                                                                     Partner at Goldman Sach has become of the vocal person from the wallet street to talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency without reserve, Michael Novogratz is starting a merchant bank on cryptocurrency


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