Top 8 Most Secured Cryptocurrency Wallets 2018


A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used for storing, sending, and receiving of digital currency called cryptocurrency (bitcoin and altcoin). In other to make any transaction with cryptocurrency, a wallet is needed. Your wallet serves as your personal bank. Most crypto coins have their own customized wallet and a few of the coins has a third party wallet.

The Cryptocurrency is not actually stored in the wallet, a unique code called address that is generated only for you are stored in the wallet, this private address is what you will use in sending and receiving coins and it also acts as a personal ledger for all your transactions. Most of the wallets app can be found and downloaded on the Google play store.

There are so many wallets available to store crypto coins, but we will be looking at the top secure wallet for our coins.

  • Bitcoin core wallet: This is the official wallet customized for bitcoin only. No other coin can be saved in this wallet except bitcoin, any other coin saved with this wallet address will be lost, a bitcoin core wallet address can only be use to buy and store bitcoin and of the best bitcoin wallet.
  • MY Ether wallet: This wallet is the official wallet for Ethereum; the wallet address is used in storing Ethereum coin only. This is the best wallet for storing, sending and receiving Ethereum. This is one of the best Ethereum wallets and can be used to store Ethereum though not on mobile, it can help keep your Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens.
  • Satowallet: This is a multi coin wallet, it accepts about 50 crypto coins (bitcoin, litecoin, abjcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, stakcoin, neo, nano, etc) each coin has its unique address customized for each coin on a single wallet called satowallet, this wallet is a must have because its saves the stress of having multiple wallet to store different coins, all your coin can be saved on just this wallet but with different addresses.
  • Litecoin core wallet: This core wallet can only be used to store litecoin, it cannot accept any other coin aside litecoin or else the coin will be lost.
  • Coinomi: This also a typical type of a universal wallet, it accepts multiple coins, many coins can be stored on coinomi but not all coins can be store in this wallet, except for some selected few coins.
  • Coinbase: It’s also a top rated wallet which serves as a universal wallet, coins can also be stored on this wallet with different addresses for each coin.
  • Paxful: This wallet supports bitcoin only, it is not a universal wallet but it’s a highly secured wallet for bitcoin.

There are also useful offline hardware wallets like TREZOR and the Nano S (these are good for long-term storage and allow you to store a variety of popular coins).

Note that all the private keys generated by whichever wallet you choose to use is not meant to be disclose to a 3rd party, it’s a unique key meant for only you. To prevent hacking of your wallet and maximum safety, its best to download the 2fa Google authentication app, this would help protect your coin and prevent hacking.

See: // explains how to send and receive coins)


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