Top 10 African Blockchain Projects to Watch Out For in 2018


Africa has always been on the receiving end of the totem pole for a while now, but the script is changing right now as the continent of Africa Is fully embracing blockchain technology.

The Blockchain technology scene in Africa has been agog with innovative projects coming form Africa; Here is a list of the top 10 African Blockchain projects, to watch out for in 2018;



Abjcoin is the first Africa Blockchain solution fostering trade and commerce among Africa and the rest of the world. Already listed on coin market cap Abjcoin, Abjcoin is among top 200 assets on coin market cap. This cryptocurrency is set to launch the first cryptocurrency atm machine in Africa and also a customized pos that would enable users to make payment for goods purchased in local stores by scanning of barcode with their mobile phone. Abjcoin is set to release their mobile app anytime soon which can be downloaded on apple and android store.

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satowallet is a new African Blockchain project which was created to overcome the challenges of having multiple wallets, this wallet supports over 50 different coins (Bit coin, Ethereum, Abjcoin, Nem, cardano, Neo, bitcoin cash and other alt coin). Satowallet is one of the first few multiple wallets in the world, you can download their mobile App for Iphones and android users. This universal wallet has a mobile app that is supported by android mobile phones. Satowallet is a major project to watch out for in 2018.

Project UBU (universal basic unit):

A group of South African businessmen recently unveiled project UBU (universal basic unit), which is a cryptocurrency payment project with the aim to get many users involved. Project UBU has launched its initial token sale (ITO) for its UBX token. UBX is an ERC-20 token which runs on Ethereum public blockchain and it’s priced at $5.The token sale will be in 3 different phases. The pre-sale with a cap of 4million tokens; all pre-sale investors will earn a 25 bonus tokens for every 100 tokens purchased; the public sale with a cap of 4.5million tokens and also the contract sale with a cap of 4.5million tokens. Further details about the UBX ERC-20 token and project UBU are available in startup whitepaper.

Blockchain project on giving a smarter energy grid in Africa:

Energy experts believe that blockchain technology project can solve a maze of red tape and data management problem (Mike Orcutt, 2017). A new system based on blockchain technology would help solve some challenging issue like Monitoring of renewable – energy, solving of data management issues and challenges in the electricity sector without interrupting the normal business. To reveal the potential of blockchain technology in the energy sector, a project has been setup by an energy expert, Jesse Morris and his team with Austria-based blockchain startup Grid Singularity to create a nonprofit organization called Energy Web Foundation. The team will begin a project with applications like tracking renewable-energy certificates. In the longer term, the team envisions a world in which homes and buildings are equipped with software that automatically sells and buys power to and from the grid on the basis of real time price signals.

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Custos Media Technologies:

Custos tech is a South African media technology company whose aim is to mitigate piracy by providing a simple and lasting solution to piracy using Blockchain. This company develops a high standard digital content technology that enables content owners to share and protect content sensitive media. Any book publisher, content writer, movie producer or any media source that holds sensitive digital will benefit from this innovative media technology which gives maximum protection to the owners of a media project.


Bankymoon is a South African company whose primary aim is to take advantage of blockchain technology to provide bit coin payment system to smart metering merchants; this system enables merchants to accept the use of bit coin as means of payment for utilities purchased by consumers. The company targets the elimination of a third party such as banks which divert utilities to its commercial and industrial customers. This system developed by Bankymoon will drastically eliminate the cost of trading and also the third party influence.


Bitland is a Ghana based organization aimed at providing services that will enable individuals and co-operate bodies to survey land and record deeds onto the Bitshares Blockchain. This is possible by streamlining and automating the entire land registration process so as to provide a good system of record, by combining automation with blockchain technology. The project has already kick started in Kumasi, Ghana and the team is looking to expand this project to other African continent.


Bitpesa is an online payment system aimed at using blockchain settlement to significantly reduce the cost and enhance timely business payments in and out of sub-Saharan Africa. Bitpesa’s customers include African businesses and multinational companies paying suppliers as far as china and Dubai to international remittance companies using their API services for white-label payments to numerous bank networks and mobile money operators across Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, and the DRC. Bitpesa was launched on the 1st of Nov 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya and also has branch offices in Nigeria, London, and Dakar.

South Africa Reserve Bank Token (POC):

A new proof-of-concept (poc) project is an initiative launched by the South African central bank to replicate interbank settlement on an Ethereum- based blockchain.  This newly announced Fintech initiative will include ‘project Khokha (a blockchain POC) via partnership with Ethereum coder collective consensus. The aim of this project to acquire practical understanding of how a distributed ledger technology system works through the development of a proof of concept (POC) in conjunction with the banking industry. Read more about it here


Geopay is a South Africa Technology Company that provides solution to remittance services that runs on the blockchain. The objective of this company is to help people in Diaspora to transfer money to their home country faster and at a cheaper rate. Geopay is very easy to use, it does not require users to have knowledge about cryptocurrency or the use of bit coin ,it works with local tellers so that cash pick up are made easy to retrieve by the recipients. It has a dedicated Apple and Android app that allows transactions directly on a mobile phone. With this app, you can send money anywhere in the world.




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