Tourist Token (TT); A Cryptocurrency For Tourists & Travelers, Few Things to Know

A Look at Tourist Token:

The emergence of numerous Altcoins has publicized the enormous undiscovered treasures in Blockchain, ever since the launch of Ethereum Smart Contract platform, a large amount of tokens has been developed, one of which is Tourist Token (TT).

Tourist Token is a cryptocurrency that has made its way through to the world of tourism, with a vision to enable investors “pay flight tickets, hotel bookings, food and other travel necessities through Bitcoin or Ether? This will save the trouble of changing your native currency to the destination’s one.”

Tourist Token has a (low) total supply of 1,000,000 TT, with a goal of global availability, by ensuring the token is listed on major cryptocurrency exchange sites such as Binance, Cryptopia, Hit BTC, Bitrex, BTC Alpha, Ku coin, Yobit, Idex, Coin Exchange, and Coin House.

To accomplish the visions for the project that is to “incept an alternative for traditional banking that is accessible across the globe. the Tourist token cryptocurrency aspires to provide facility to tourists specifically; so that their money is safe and can be accessed swiftly and transact anywhere without facing the issues of foreign currency conversions.” Tourist Token has a Roadmap to authorize;

Tourist Token Roadmap Overview

  1. Private Sale of Tokens: This section o the Tourist token roadmap tries to explain that the token will be used by major real estate and travel investors as a means of buying shares from the company that owns tourist token cryptocurrency, (M & D Properties)
  2. Easy Access of Tokens In order to ensure an easy and simple access to the tourists, the listing will be made on top exchange such as Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Kucoin, Live coin, Coin exchange and Yobit.
  3. Open Bookings Bookings on all our apartments and flight partnerships will be open. Token holders will get a solid 50% discount on all bookings.
  4. Tourist Agent Applications and Tourist businesses: Tourist agent applications will be open and holders will be able to make flight and hotel bookings for others through the tourist token website at; all around the world and get 20% of the booking amount as an agent.

Tourist Token has however announced the commencement of its Airdrops, Bounties (Reward for translating TT Bitcoin talk thread to other languages) also a Google Form released for participants, allowing representation in over 6 Languages.

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